On January 27th, 1990, Helmet entered the stage of New York’s equally famous and infamous CBGB’s. What followed was an explosive live show, set during the earliest days of the band’s career. Getting ready to release their debut album Strap It On in March that year, Helmet propelled themselves through a staccato-heavy set of tracks that would soon earn them worldwide acclaim in the Punk scene. The first side of this brand-new live album features the CBGB’s set for the first time ever on vinyl and CD, while the second half contains an equally energetic performance, recorded in 1993 at the Big Day Out Festival in Melbourne, Australia. With tracks such as ‘Ironhead’, ‘Better’ and ‘In the Meantime’, the setlist strikes a perfect balance between the band’s hits and hidden gems from their early years.

CBGB – 1/27/1990
A1 Intro
A2 Impressionable
A3 Murder
A4 Your Head
A5 Repetition
A6 Sinatra
A7 Rumble

Big Day Out Melbourne – 1/24/1993
B1 Ironhead
B2 Better
B3 Give It
B4 Blacktop
B5 Oven
B6 Turned Out
B7 In The Meantime
(EAR Music/Edel Family Member)