Heroin were a hardcore band from San Diego, CA. Founded in 1989, the band played a chaotic and abrasive style of music that was similar in spirit to early bands of the genre but in their own universe sonically. They went on to be extremely influential to the new genre of screamo.

Emo subculture and history website Fourfa describe Heroin’s self-titled LP as “A wall of furious, chaotic noise, vocal-chord-shredding screaming, lyrics of ultimate disillusionment and pain, and just the right amount of melody to pull things together without interrupting the flow of angst.”

Members of Heroin went on to bands like Antioch Arrow, Rice, Clikitat Ikatowi, Second Story Window, Holy Molar, the Tori Cobras, and Spacehorse.

This collection of recordings from the 90’s contains all of the OOP 7”s and 12”s, compilation tracks, as well as the session the band recorded at the infamous Inner Ear Studios in Washington, DC, and never heard before unreleased songs.

Side A (1)
1. Meaning Less
2. A Portion
3. The Obvious
4. We Can Never Know
5. In General
6. Moving Parts
7. Another

Side B (2)
1. Leave
2. Wander
3. Blind
4. With No Name
5. Head Cold
6. Undertaking
7. Indecision

Side C (3)
1. This Time
2. Never Ever
3. Has Been
4. I’ve Got Mine
5. Cost*
6. Wander*
7. Things Change*

Side D (4)
1. Comes To Mind
2. How Could I*
3. Compelled*
4. This Time*
5. A Portion*
6. Undertaking*
7. Has Been
8. Destination
9. Second Coming

Label: Southern Lord Records
Barcode: 808720130215