The death of Joey Ramone in the summer of 2001 and Dee Dee Ramone in June 2002 provided ample evidence of the high regard that his band was held by fans and critics. Once regarded as a joke, their music little more than an adrenaline rush of one minute five second noise, The Ramones have come to be regarded as having influenced almost every star struck guitarist who knew just three chords and wanted to write a song.

Hey! Ho! Let’s Go is an exhibit that tells the story of the Ramones, and of punk rock, but even if you (like me) were just a fan of the band, if you grew up with this music, it’s your story too, and you have an emotional and very personal investment in having it represented correctly. It’s hard to imagine it now, but back in their heyday, when the Ramones were alive and making records, publicly proclaiming your affinity to the band was a dangerous act. Wearing a Ramones shirt–which, back then, you could only buy if you went to a concert, or lived in a big enough city to have a cool record store–could either mean you’d make a friend or you’d get something thrown at you from a passing car.

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