The second full length for the Italian vampire punx Horror Vacui after their (already) classic “In Darkness You Will feel Alright” LP. 8 brilliant tracks of pure goth/death rock in the vein of Lords Of The New Church, Spectres, T.S.O.L., Sisters Of Mercy and 1919.
A1 Return Of The Empire
A2 5000
A3 The Right Cure
A4 Time
A5 ‘Till The Last Drop
B1 Light Of Darkness
B2 Screen Of Infamy
B3 Opus Tenebris
Bonus Tracks From “Limited Usa Tour Edition” 7 Inch
B4 Desperate Adelia
B5 Lortnoced

High-bias pro-done cassette tape limited to 150 copies.
Recorded and mixed at Authoma Studio, 3-4-5 March 2014.
Tracks A1-B3 “Return Of The Empire” LP – Black Water Records 2014
Tracks B4-B5 USA Tour 2014 EP
Track B5 originally performed by Discharge
((Self Released))