Culled from an Olympic studios demo session and rehearsals in Detroit for the band’s 1973 tour, Move Ass Baby runs the gamut from full-fledged, ready-to record tunes to the types of swampy jams that the band has claimed indicative of their studio songwriting process. This album explores the creative process that gave birth to nearly all the Stooges albums. Starting with a jam session, an oldie or two, or maybe a blues riff, the songs gradually took shape and were refined from there. Here we find the Stooges in rehearsal, messing around with songs by Bo Diddley, Bob Dylan, Cream, and the Paul Butterfield Blues Band. We hear the beginnings of songs that never went any further, such as Old King Live Forever’, I Come From Nowhere’ or Wild Love’, which had as much potential as any of their best material. And we have some very impromptu jams such as Move Ass Baby’ and a fascinating James Williamson solo performance. Much of this material has never been heard before and this is the first time this collection has been released on vinyl!

Original Gem Demos: Olympic Studios
A1 I Got A Right
A2 Gimme Some Skin
A3 I’m Sick Of You
A4 Tight Pants
A5 Scene Of The Crime
Detroit Rehearsals
B1 Wild Love
B2 I Come From Nowhere
B3 I’m So Glad
B4 Delta Blues Shuffle
C1 Old King Live Forever
C2 Look So Sweet
C3 I’m A Man
C4 Mellow Down Easy
C5 Move Ass Baby
(Radiation Records)