Finally available again – Their first 7″ from 1984. 5 great tracks…
Foldout poster sleeve with lyrics printed inside.

Coming from the Netherlands, Indirekt was part of that amazing Dutch Punk/HC scene that included Funeral Oration, Vernon Walters, Gepopel, Frites Modern and other great bands that carried out bulk of their work in mid 80s. This was band´s first vinyl output, released in 1984 and features the original singer Marjolein who was replaced by Anneke on subsequent releases. Brilliant melodic Punk Rock with a dash of Hardcore.

“…Their thrashers are distinguished by strong instrumentals, hook-filled choruses with alternating female/male vocals, gutsy female lead singing (like Julie from SIN 34), and progressive political themes; they also do slower punkers (“Hart…” and “Candlelight”) of which only the former has teeth. Though not as frenetic as I expected after Tim’s remarks about the INDIREKT material on the Bijna 2000 Jaar Geleden compilation (in MRR #12), this EP has a couple of mini-classics (like “Shell Helpt”). – JEFF BALE /MRR #14 • JUNE 1984”
(No Plane Records)