Instinct of Survival hail from Hamburg. Nine hymns of misanthropic nihilism, unmatched in the present landscape of underground music. I would have no qualms in saying that this in the best European crust record of the decade. It’s got the brutal-as-fuck atmosphere of the early Death Metal ala Autopsy, Entombed or Death, crossed with the aggressive fuck-off riffing of Deviated Instinct, Sepultura or Hellbastard and the miserable, chained to oblivion sound aesthetics of Amebix and Axegrinder.
With riffs that nearly fucking snap your neck and a guitar sound both blunt and bludgeoning, simultaneously raw and cutting, the axe is at the forefront of these songs. The vocals are snarls of loathsome desperation, the production simply immaculate. The drumming is martial and pounding, adding depth and contour to what are essential simple Thrash riffs, yet the key to this is simplicity in execution and complexity in structure and composition.
Modern crust classic.
(Colturschock Records)