“Originally released as a tour 12″ and sold immediately during their recent usa tour Invasión’s new album is finally out. 6 sick tracks of claustrophobic hardcore that updates the traditional uk anarcho sound, and the experimental japanese hardcore of the early 80s. this 12” is dirty and un-easy, the sense of urgency is such that by the time the storm that opens the a side is over you want to break things up. the raw production makes the crazy vocals full of echo and delay the main focus but they are backed up by a steamroller of overdrive driven noise guitar and manic drumming with tons of feedback joining the tracks together, managing to get you on edge for the entire duration of the record wondering what’s gonna happen when it is over. this release is more proof that even a limited style like hardcore can provide head scratching bands in this day and age.”
(La Vida Es Un Mus)