Promises Comfort Fools was originally released on cd in 2007 by GSR Music.

It’s not that often that Hardcore bands reach the 10 year mark of existence, let alone surpass that milestone, and it’s even more surprising when they do it with the original line up. London’s infamous Knuckledust have done just that, retaining their integrity and values that they first started out with all those years ago and earning much respect from hardcore, punk and metal kids all over the world. Returning with their 3rd album for GSR, Knuckledust are as rowdy and violent as ever on their release “Promises Comfort Fools” keeping their signature sound of New York influenced hardcore as brutal as ever. There is nothing pretty about “Promises Comfort Fools”, it’s just pure venomous rage spitting bile from every pour and open wound.
Pierre’s vocals are as raw and brutal as ever spewing energy that is reflective of his live performance. The music is like a bar room brawl between two rival football firms. It’s ugly, obnoxious and brutal, giving you no chance to breathe or back down, just inciting pure violence with every crack of the snare, every bludgeoning riff and every lyric unleashed.
Pure unadulterated violence. That doesn’t mean that Knuckledust haven’t matured with their latest release. “Promises Comfort Fools” encompasses everything that Knuckledust is and ever was, yet still finds ways to inject new life into a style that can easily become stale. The level of groove matches the intensity of the crushing breakdowns and the hurricane like, built for circle pit fast parts as songs stand out from one another and infect the body and mind. Knuckledust have really outdone themselves and their relentless work ethic of touring the world shows through on “Promises Comfort Fools”. Old and new fans of Knuckledust will love this album and if you like music that is tough as nails, hard, aggressive and uncompromising, then you will have comfort in knowing that there is at least one album in 2007 that has those qualities as it’s foundations.

For fans of: Agnostic Front, Madball, Cock Sparrer, Blood For Blood, Hatebreed

LabeL: GSR Records