Kriegshög is a raw hardcore/d-beat punk band from Tokyo, Japan. This 7″ EP was released in 2008 by Hardcore Survives.
“Re-release of their debut EP with new artwork and one extra song. One of the most amazing bands in recent times and one of the hottest new bands from Japan at the moment. The original sold out instantly in February 2008. Here is what MRR hat to say about the original version: I am almost left speechless on how fucking good this record is. the ultra-hardcore brutal legion needs to maim and murder to get this record ‘cuz it fucking kills an I heard it is already long gone. ok, what does it sound like, you may ask? driving, fist-pumping hardcore with loads of distortion, ferocious drumming, and vocals that drive right through my skull. side one paints a picture for you by having some war-time sample – ya know, gunfire and commotion followed by a sic-year-old girl’s blood-curdling scream – then in comes the audio assault. killer!” – (Martin Sorrondeguy, Maximum Rocknroll No. 300).
(HeartFirst Records)