After all the classic early Finnish hardcore bands fell apart or changed their sound, a new generation took over to keep the Finnish punk spirit alive.Kumikristus was one of them. Fast furious hardcore punk played by teenage kids, loaded with hooks and tight playing.

The complete discography from short lived Finnish Punk/Hardcore band that was around from 1984 – 1987.
Tracks A1-A7: EP Demo 25.5.1985
Tracks A8-A10: Studio 55 Demo 1985
Tracks B1-B6: 3SV Studio Demo 7.6.1986 / Turku Haisee kok.LP session
Tracks B7-B10: Ihminen On Ihmiselle Susi, Eläimelle? Kok. kassu 1985/1986
(Puke N Vomit Records)