Formed in 1978 in London, Lack Of Knowledge was a band you could hardly pigeonhole and lump with a certain scene. They shared bills with punk rock bands, anarcho punk bands, post-punk bands,… Their quirkiness might remind you of Wire or Television Personalities perhaps. This is their very first single, the one that got them on Crass records, originally self-released and packed in A4 comic bags.
This reissue adds the original B side which was never released on vinyl, but scratched in the early stages for another song. Packed in a tri-fold cover, this is a very limited reissue of 100 copies on clear vinyl, 100 on white and 100 on black, all hand numbered and stamped.)
Because of the high cost associated with the release and its limited nature. I apologize for the price and the conditions, it´s just the nature of this reissue.
“This record is a bloody classic in the true sense of the word. The Uninvited is a brilliant tune that you have probably already heard perhaps without realizing it´s Lack of Knowledge. Halfway between the melancholy of Joy Division and moodines of Buzzcocks´ third album, The Uninvited sneaks in from the backdoor and leaves a permanent mark in our minds with its catchiness and the brilliant crescendo in which instruments, one by one, fill the ether. On the flipside, Ritual is a completely different ballgame. At times they bring in mind Wire, or even TV Personalities. The two songs almost sound like two different bands, which perhaps isn´t that surprising if you consider that they were recorded during two different sessions, several months apart.
To me, this is their best output, but I might be biased. Either case, a record you shouldn´t be without.” Bored Teenagers.
White Vinyl, #036/100,
(No Plan Records)