LIP CREAM | kill the ibm | LP/Blue Vinyl

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Lip Cream alongside Gauze stand out as one of the classic early Japanese punk bands that incorporated a lot of hardcore and thrash influence into their powerful music. Lip Cream later went on to release a number of highly successful albums and instead of sticking to the more boppy punk sound they originally produced headed towards flat out heavy thrash that too is worthy of merit. This LP contains all of Lip Creams recorded output from 1984 – 1985.
Tracks A1 to A4 were previously released as the “Lonely rock” 7″ on Hold-Up Records in 1984. Tracks A5 to A9 were previously released as the “Nightrider More Than Fight” 7″ on AA Records in 1984.
Tracks A10 and B1 were previously released on the “Hardcore Unlawful Assembly” Compilation LP on AA records in 1984.
Tracks B2 to B9 are from the “Kill The I.B.M.” studio sessions from 1985.
Tracks B10 and B11 were previously released on “The Punx” Compilation in 1985.
(Terror Shock Discs/Unofficial)

1 in stock


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