Dear friends we are really happy to announce the release of the 1st issue of our fanzine “Lower than Underground”. It is a co-release, co-operation between Shambotic recordings and Old Bad Habits label.

You will find in it exclusive interviews and articles by and for Nick Godfrey and his Precious recordings taken by Jim of the Jasmine Minks, Rocker Rosehip, Damo Suzuki of Can, Darren & Caroline of Next phase Normal records and The Manhattan Love Suicides, Kissamatic Lovebubbles, Tim Wells, I, Ludicrous, politics in music by Tim Rippington, record store day by Darren Lockwood, connection between punk and indie pop by Dimitris Patsonis, 1st interview of the next big thing of Greek pop The Secret Postcards, etc.

And of course a cd with 22 tracks is included, for which we like to thank all the bands and artists for their contribution. They are all covers, from some of the people who invented indie pop, and we are so proud that we can share it with you. It will be a reference for the future we assume. 6 exclusive songs for our compilation are included.

This fanzine and compilation will be our tool to fund the 1st Athens Pop Underground fest & convention, happening in Athens, Greece, at the end of spring (19-20 of May 2023), at Temple venue. You will learn more information through facebook, with additional tips for staying in Athens if you want to join from abroad.

We can already introduce most of the bands-contributors-participators of the two dayer. Arrest! Charlie Tipper, Silver Biplanes, Davey Woodward and the Winter Orphans, The Yellow Melodies, Crabber, The Rev Jonny Kinkaid, Kissamatic Lovebubbles, The WaterStriders, Acid Barretts, and more to be announced soon. So, please go on and get the fanzine with the cd, as all the money collected will be used to cover the expenses of the two dayer. It is a completely diy event, organized by independent labels,artists and fans.

The cd is given for free with as part of the first issue of lower than underground fanzine. All cover songs offered by the bands and artists.

For friends in UK it is shipped by Shambotic HQ with local postal rates. For friends in US copies will be available through Jigsaw records.

CD artwork by Manolis Nikitianos.
Fanzine artwork by Anna Kondakciu.

Label: Old Bad Habits