Black vinyl, limited to 200 copies! Classic mangel like Totalitär or Anti-Cimex!
Compilation album of Swedens Makabert Fynd, feat. Poffen and Mattis of Totalitär. A compilation of early 7inches, split 7inches and demos.
Total swedish Hardcore Punk Madness. We know these friends since long, when we put up shows for them in Berlin, many over the years, allways a happening, allways a pleasure, so it is natural we do this compilation. includes exclusive stuff, the 7inch releases and the demo. Includes a cover by Missbrukarna and another by Tortyr.
Tracks 1 to 3: Previously unreleased demo tracks from 2008
Tracks 4 to 10: s/t 7″
Tracks 11 to 14: Fuck Your Scene Kid split 7″ with Nice Idiot
Track 15: Previously unreleased version
Tracks 16 to 19: split 7″ with Tipper’s Gore
Tracks 20 and 21: split 7″ with Tortyr
Tracks 22 to 28: split 12″ with Glöm Dä!
Track 29: Turist I Tillvaron Vol. 4 12″
Tracks 30 to 34: Ondskans Flint 7″
Tracks 35 and 36: split 7″ with Fear Of Extinction
(Burning Anger / Rawmantic Disasters)