After 40 years, the legendary album “Zensur & Zensur” from Germany’s first punk band MALE will be reissued! It was years when everything was new, everything was possible. Between 1977 and 1979, a punk scene developed in Düsseldorf that was second to none, and MALE created a timeless piece of German music history.

In 1977 I was irresistibly drawn to this new thing, punk, and since Bilk was one of the germ cells of the movement, I was lucky enough to experience everything up close. I’d seen her here and there, lanky guys with spiky hair shuffling through the neighborhood in long coats. Word of mouth brought me to an auditorium, and MALE was a real revelation among all the boring Stones cover bands! Loud, snotty, new, different! A gig that ended in a spectacular end at the time with the burning of the German flag. (Wolf Lauenroth (Dieter Zensur))

Tracks 1-14 first released in 1979 as Zensur & Zensur as numbered and limited LP on Modell Musik.
Tracks 15 and 16 first released in 1979 on the Clever & Smart 7″ on Rondo.
Track 17 first released in 1995 on the Male compilation CD on Teenage Rebel Records.
Track 18 first released in 1991 on the Die Toten Hosen Ihre Party 7″ on Teenage Rebel Records.
Tracks 19 – 21 first released in 1980 on the compilation In Die Zukunft LP on Konnekschen.
Track 22 first released in 1990 on the compilation Ein Tausendstel Düsseldorf 7″ on Teenage Rebel Records.
(Tapete Records ‎– TR447)