In the tradition of the valedictory three-song 7″, inaugurated by Youth Of Today’s 1989 sendoff, “Disengage,” Mindset has in the earliest days of 2016 staked a claim on record of the year with a farewell triptych of their own: “Nothing Less.” A densely packed charge of pure explosive energy, the record – like one of Mindset’s peerless live sets – arrives with astonishing force, shows us something we’ve never seen before and is suddenly over: a vanishing show of force and barely controlled chaos that awes, exhilarates and inspires – and lives forever in memory. The new music, backed by the best-in-the-business drumming of Daniel Fang, delivers all the speed, crunch and crescendo that made Mindset’s full-length LP, “Leave No Doubt,” a generational document. And the lyrics, as urgent and authoritative as ever, rise to the occasion of a last will and testament: reflective, free of regret and apology, and more wrenchingly personal than ever before. Mindset will soon be gone, but with “Nothing Less,” they have defied us to forget them.
(React Records)