On the 2nd January, 1983 Minor Threat played the “555” Show at the 9.30 Club which comprised of Minor Threat, Faith and Marginal Man. This was the first time all 3 bands played as a 5 piece. Songs 1-17 are from Minor Threat’s first set and shows what a powerful force they were. Songs 18-21 were recorded at the Lansburgh Center 29th March, 1983, where Minor Threat played with the Big Boys. It was pretty obvious the spark had gone and this was the last show Minor Threat ever played. This show was notable as it was the only time they played all 3 songs from The Salad Days 7″.

A1 Minor Threat
A2 Filler
A3 I Don’t Wanna Hear It
A4 Think Again
A5 No Reason
A6 Small Man Big Mouth
A7 Little Friend
A8 Seeing Red
A9 Betray
A10 Stepping Stone
B11 Out Of Step
B12 1 2 X U
B13 Sob Story
B14 Bottled Violence
B15 It Follows
B16 Screaming At A Wall
B17 In My Eyes
B18 Stumped
B19 Salad Days
B20 No Reason
B21 Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White

Label: Vinyl Ink Records – INK1982-2022/Fan Club