Cuts From the Crypt is a collection of demos, formerly unreleased tracks and cover songs by the American horror punk band Misfits. All the album’s tracks were recorded by the band in the years following their reformation without original singer Glenn Danzig.

A1 Dead Kings Rise (Demo) 2:55
A2 Blacklight (Demo) 1:28
A3 The Haunting (Demo) 1:34
A4 The Hunger (Demo) 1:41
A5 Mars Attacks (Demo) 2:19
A6 Dr. Phibes Rises Again (Demo) 6:51
A7 I Got A Right 3:00
A8 Monster Mash 2:37
A9 I Wanna Be A NY Ranger 1:38
B1 Scream (Demo) 3:33
B2 1.000.000 Years B.C. 2:19
B3 Helena 2 3:21
B4 Devil Doll 3:13
B5 Fiend Without A Face 2:59
B6 Bruiser 2:27
B7 No More Moments 3:07
B8 Rise Above (Live) 5:16
(Roadrunner Records/Unofficial Release)