Ready for a heavy dose of Horror Punk? Look no further, because here are the undisputed kings in all their glory. ‘From Demos to demons’ gathers three classic demos by the amazing Misfits, the Rainbow Studio Demo from 77 (their very first incursion into the studio), the Song Shop demo from 79 and the Master Sound Productions demo from 1980, all with as great sound quality as possible (don’t expect shitty sounding third generation stuff here) and a cool looking package to round the deal. 21 tracks of pure Horror Punk greatness, no Misfits fan should live without this killer record.

Master Sound Productions (08/07/1980 – 09/05/1980) N.Y.
A1 Halloween
A2 Vampira
A3 I Turned Into A Martian
A4 Skulls
A5 London Dungeon
A6 Night Of The Living Dead
A7 Horror Hotel
A8 Ghouls Night Out
A9 Astro Zombies
A10 Where Eagles Dare
A11 Violent World
Rainbow Studio Demo (06/1977) N.Y.
B1 Cough/Cool
B2 She
The Song Shop Demo (06/1979) N.Y.
B3 Night Of The Living Dead
B4 Where Eagles Dare
B5 Vampira
B6 Violent World
B7 Who Killed Marilyn?
B8 Spook City U.S.A.
B9 Horror Business
B10 Rat Fink
(Mortal Shock Records/Unofficial Release)