Earache Records, black vinyl, Licensed high quality re-issue of one of the definitive American punk classics. A classic record with the highly coveted Earache catalogue number MOSH666. Exclusive European pressing. All units to be pressed on heavyweight 180g vinyl with a 350gsm heavyweight sleeve. The inner bag features a new logo based design, differentiating it from previously released product.

If the Misfits were one of the greatest punk bands then Walk Among Us released in 1982 is perhaps one of the greatest records in punk history. While Static Age and Earth AD showcased a band searching for an identity like a vampire for its next victim, Walk Among Us is almost sheer perfection. With a solidified lineup, fully grown-out devillocks (the Misfits trademark long spike of hair in the front) and the stabilizing presence of the somewhat pedestrian but agile arthur googy on drums, uber-misfit Glenn Danzig was finally able to match his zombie-elvis to a worthy musical foil. From the manic opening of 20 Eyes to the monster football chorus of Braineaters, there is nothing less than a sublime moment on this album from start to finish. Astro Zombies or I Turned into a Martian sound like songs to raise the dead by. a special bonus is perhaps the tenderest love song to decapitation (Skulls) in recent memory.
(Earache Records)