The stylistic pyroclasm of MORNE’s bleak, extreme but reachable metal did not happen overnight. Since their 2009 debut album, Untold Wait, the Boston-based four-piece have made simple categorizations like ‘doom’ or even ‘metal’ laughable, and their latest and fifth full-length, Engraved With Pain, refines their attack to a level toward which even 2018’s To the Night Unknown could only hint.

For MORNE, Engraved With Pain is a moment of grim triumph, as rooted in Celtic Frost as in Ministry, still somehow extrapolated from the gods Black Sabbath and characteristic of no one so much as themselves. A document that speaks directly to future historians looking back and wondering just where the hell it all went so wrong. Imagine a Rosetta Stone for the sixth great extinction.
180 gr black vinyl.


Side A
01 Engraved With Pain
02 Memories Like Stone

Side B
03 Wretched Empire
04 Fire and Dust

Label: Metal Blade
Barcode: 039841606027