MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE – a ski-mask wearing techno/rap/punk crew, is dropping their 4th studio album RADIO HOPE on June 2024. It will feature genres such as Hip Hop, Punk Rock, Rave, Drum and Bass, Synth-wave, Happy Hardcore, Heavy Metal and more.

The “Radio Hope” album contains 10 tracks, 9 of which have Featuring artists from around the world. Including: Joshi of ZSK (Germany), Jen Pop of The Bombpops (US), Animal of Non Servium (Spain), Hoya Roc of Madball (US), Elisa Dixan and Los Fastidios (Italy), The Restarts (England), Messed Up (Belarus), Rob of Born From Pain (Netherlands). A mix of artists from Hardcore to Pop Punk and Ska – this marks the first time in band’s history when an album contains tracks with feats from other artists.

Label: Fire and Flames Records