Limited edition of 250 numbered in Gold Vinyl with poster and 2 sided insert (lyrics / info and photos of the band). Features Non album tracks and rare alternate versions.

A1 Hump On Your Back (1980)
A2 Waltz Of The Vampire (1980)
A3 Godzilla Akimbo (1980)
A4 Dirty Love (Alternate Version)(1980)
A5 Bastard (1980)
A6 Treat Me Nice (1979)
B1 You Ain’t Gonna Live Forever (1979)
B2 (Don’t Let ’em) Grind You Down (Alternate Version)(1982)
B3 Lemmy Goes To The Pub (1982)
B4 Fun On The Farm (1979)
B5 Over The Top (Alternate Version)(1979)
B6 Same Old Song, I’m Gone (1982)
B7 Don’t Need Religion (Alternate Version)(1982)
(Iconic Recordings/Unofficial Release)