Mourning Noise was an American horror- and hardcore punk band from Lodi, New Jersey, notable for drummer Steve Zing. Active around the time of the Misfits, Mourning Noise were strongly influenced by the Misfits as drummer Steve Zing lived very close to Jerry Only and Doyle’s house and Steve went to high school with Doyle. Their music was typically fast and melodic. Mourning Noise released only a small amount of material, typically as 7″ singles, apart from the 1998 collection album Death Trip Delivery. Steve later went on to play for Samhain, Son of Sam, The Undead, Chyna, Doomtree, and later, Danzig.
Samhain guitarist Damien was briefly a member of the band.

This LP includes the group’s complete collection of studio recordings including outtakes.
Features the full endorsement and introductory blurb from Glenn Danzig!
All tracks recorded between 1981 – 1985.

Tracks A1 to A5 (7″) recorded in 1982 @ Reel Platinum.
Tracks A6 to A8 are demo tracks recorded in 1981 @ Blue Moon Studios.
Tracks A9 to B21 (never released LP) recorded in 1984 @ Reel Platinum.
Track B22 is studio outtake recorded in 1985 @ Reel Platinum.

A1 Dawn Of The Dead
A2 Fighting Chance
A3 Laser Lights
A4 Demon Eyes
A5 Addiction
A6 Monster Madness
A7 Vincent’s Theme
A8 Underground Zero
A9 Nestle Baby Killer
A10 Death In A White Cloud
A11 Crimson Carrie
B1 Mr. Surveillance
B2 Progress For The People
B3 Monster Madness
B4 Murder Machine
B5 Empty Grave
B6 Vincent’s Theme
B7 Underground Zero
B8 Barbarian Hunt
B9 Batman
B10 Monster Madness – Version 2
B11 Foolish Grief
(Cleopatra Records)