New edition, completely re-packaged and restyled with 2 booklets inside (30 pages)! One of the most essential discography releases in the whole history of Italian Punk, finally seeing the light after 4 years of hard strains and endless stalemates. NERORGASMO, the blackest and most sincere face of Torino’s Dark/Punk nihilism in the ’80s and early ’90s, the true sound of urban decadence in the city that generated some of the most active and creative Punk/HC acts back in the “fuorious years” of Italian hardcore (think of NEGAZIONE, DECLINO, 5# BRACCIO etc). The CD is a complete collection of their recorded material, 39 songs, including their first legendary EP remastered from a 1st generation tape before it was pressed on vinyl (so you won’t hear any old vinyl crackles), the 1993 album remastered from the studio DAT, 9 completely UNRELEASED studio tracks (1987) and a great selection of live footage 1986-1993. The DVD features their complete set live at Torino’s El Paso in 1993, edited from different angles with image and sound remastered. Comes in a super-deluxe 8 panel digipak with double booklet including rare photos, lyrics and infos. Musically, this was a unique brand of blackened HC/Punk the Italian way crossed with some sinister Dark/Rock influences and the incredibly expressive vocals of Luca Abort (RIP) mixing rage with his sick sarcastic moods. Check the review on “Italy?s NERORGASMO (translates as ?Black Orgasm? ? wonderful!) released one of the darkest and most original sounding records of the 80s. Backwards message, weird sounds and ultra evil, CCM-like riffing, creating a sickly sweet atmosphere of lascivious cross-downturning. Just the way we love it so much! What is anarchy and subversion if there?s not some good old satanism involved.”
(F.O.A.D. Records)