David Bowie with Nine Inch Nails, live from the Riverport Amphitheater, St. Louis on 11th October and the Shoreline Amphitheater, California on 21st October. Combing contemporary and retrospective artists could always be controversial and disastrous, but in the right hands, it could equally prove inviting. In 1995, Nine Inch Nails co-headlined the Dissonance tour with David Bowie as part of their Self Destruct Touring Cycle . For Bowie, he was promoting his latest album Outside while returning to a territory that recalled his cherished Berlin period. Such a memorable performance.
Side 1
1. “We Prick You”
2. “Outside”
3. “March Of The Pigs”
4. “Sanctified”
Side 2
1. “The Becoming”
2. “Piggy”
3. “Burn”
4. “Closer”
Side 3
1. “Wish”
2. “Gave Up”
3. “Down In It”
4. “Eraser”
Side 4
1. “Joe The Lion”
2. “A Small Plot Of Land”
3. “Nite Flights”

(Mind Control/Unofficial Release)