Ripping raw hardcore thrash from Florida circa 84, a great document of the earliest No Fraud tracks!

150 grm black vinyl, includes 2 sided 12 x 16 lyric sheet.

As founding member Dan Destructo told us, these early demos from 1984 pre-date their first legit demo and all other recordings.
So here you have another unearthed treasure trove of early 80’s punk rock for all the hardcore/punk fiends out there. These tracks, mostly recorded in a garage in 1984, represent this classic band at their most ferocious: 17 songs of pure, undiluted hardcore punk, played at intensely high speeds (think D.R.I. and a million pissed suburban HC bands) and with an intense youthful energy only found from bands of this era. This record contains 17 songs, most of which have remained unreleased to this day and painstakingly resurrected/re-mastered for this special release. The package is complete with lengthy and thorough liner notes by founding member Dan Destructo and jam packed with classic photos, flyers and news clippings documenting the intense and dangerous lifestyle of 1980’s punks living and playing in Florida. A release definitely not to be missed by hardcore punk addicts in the USA and worldwide.
(Six Weeks Records)