If you don’t know the story, this is Al Quint’s (ex-Suburban Voice, current MRR columnist) band from the late 80’s. They’re definitely influenced by the early 80’s Boston sound, and a lot of the vocal patterns remind me of Choke (Negative FX, Last Rights, Slap Shot). The playing isn’t very tight, but the tunes are pretty solid. I like that there’s a bio with lyrics in the liner notes, especially since this is a more or less a completely unheard of band. A lot of reissues just re-use old cover art and call it a day; but it’s nice to see the effort here.
Originally released as a demo (original pressing was 100 copies). Recorded in 1985.
Recorded after the band had broken up already by the original singer and 3 members of PTL Klub.
(No Way Records)