“The now legendary NOOTHGRUSH from the Bay area was berthed in the spring of 1994 by founding members Gary Niederhoff on Bass and Chiyo Nukaga on drums. Over the next year the band had various other members including Matt Harvey (Exhumed, Repulsion) on 2nd guitar. It wasn’t until guitarist Russ Kent joined in early 1995 that the classic NOOTHGRUSH lineup was complete! NOOTHGRUSH played 145 shows, toured the U.S. and Quebec for 7 weeks, did numerous west coast, and southwest tours. The band was well known for their consistently bludgeoning assault played at slow as boiling tar tempos. NOOTHGRUSH ceased to exist in 2001, as the band sought to develop new material and not be forced to perform the old repertoire. Unfortunately, involvement with other bands, jobs, etc. kept NOOTHGRUSH from developing.

“Live For Nothing” is a compilation of two live on the radio broadcasts the band did in the 90s. One is from KZSU from 1996 and the other from KFJC in 1999. Both recordings are a precise document of the powerful group in their prime. The recordings were mastered by Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise guitarist) and breathe black fumes of toxins once again!”

Track Listing
01. Sith
02. Gage
03. Jundland Wastes
04. Evazan
05. Erode The Person
06. Derrells Porno Song
07. Dianoga
08. Procreation Of The Wicked
09. Oil Removed
10. Made Uncomfortable By Others Pain
11. Flee From Hunger And Disease
12. Starvation
13. Useless
14. A People Defeated
15. Derrells Porno Song
16. Stagnance
17. Hatred For The Species
18. Friends Of Mine
(Southern Lord Records)