Together with Crime, the Nuns predated and singlehandedly helped to shape the Punk scene in San Francisco in 1976. Their demos from 1977 seemed to be lost in the mists of time forever, but now here they are, all of them unreleased. An ESSENTIAL piece in the history of vintage American Punk!!!
Lost demo recordings of a very underrated band. This is raw early US Punk Rock at its best with a huge Iggy/Stooges edge aided by the wild and abrasive piano that honky tonks all along the way. Sound quality is excellent, without any overdubs or studio gimmicks. A great example of San Francisco 1976 early 1977 Punk Rock, next to CRIME and Mary Monday. Too bad, the record industry was not interested. The 1980 Posh Boy album shares a lot of songs but sounds much tamer than this.
(Mabuhay Records)