More Japanese bootleg vinyl, this time collecting Outo’s LP, their Many Question Poison Answer 7”, and their contributions to the Hardcore Unlawful Assembly, Thrash Till Death, and My Meat’s Your Poison compilations. There are 26 tracks, making for a lot of Outo!
If you aren’t familiar with Outo, I’d put them firmly in the second tier of great Japanese hardcore punk bands. While they never made a record as classic as Death Side, Bastard, or Gauze, they certainly ripped. They had a fast, metallic sound that was as fast as SOB or Systematic Death, but with a metallic complexity to the riffing. Their recordings are also great, which showcases said complexity. In a large dose like this their songs can, perhaps, sound same-y, but I can’t imagine someone could point to one second on this disc and say it’s not killer. Like a lot of recent Japanese bootlegs, this one features rather dodgy black and white cover art (which is a shame, because most of Outo’s records have awesome full-color sleeves), but excellent sound presumably derived from a CD reissue. While it’s a shame this reissue loses some of the magic of holding an original in your hands, I don’t see this material getting an official vinyl reissue any time soon, so you’d best jump on this chance to get this in your collection.
– LP ltd 180 copies
– 26 tracks collecting their 12″. 1st 7″ and 4-way split and comp tracks.
– Full size double sided insert with sticker.
(Limited Punk Records)