Legendary Pankrti (Bastards) was formed in Lublana, Slovenija (ex-Yu) in 1977 and was one of the strongest punk rock bands from Yugoslavia. After some initial but very shocking concerts, it was right time to release the first vinyl single, so they recorded 4 songs in studio Audiomark in Gorica, Italy. Shortly after that, two of songs became the single (Lepi into prazni / Lublana je bulana SKUC, december 1978) and the other tow were used on the ”Novi punk val” compilation in 1981.But many did not know that Pankrti already had a demo before Gorica recording, made by two songs (“Metka” and ”Sam si kriv”) that were recorded during the summer 1978 in a studio in Lublana. This demo recording was until today almost forgotten, and now, after thirtysix years they final see the face of light again! Pankrti was best known (in addition to their energetic gigs) for their strong inspirational and highly engaged political poetry and their success paved the way for many new punk bands. Their influence on the Yugoslavian and especially, Slovenian punk scene was enormous.
The artwork replicates the original but with bonus insert and it features the two songs of the original version plus the two that appeared on the forgotten demo, all of them especially remastered for this release!
(NE! Records)