‘Legendary Paraf’s “Flags” album (1984) on vinyl again! Special edition on the 35th anniversary, with original production and additional bonus track ‘Throwers’!.
Paraf was a punk rock and later post-punk band from Rijeka, (Yugoslavia, now Croatia) known as one of the pioneers of punk rock in the former Yugoslavia.
Their third album Zastave (Flags), released in 1984, was produced by the band themselves with Borghesia member Aldo Ivančić. Inspired by Miroslav Krleža’s multi-volume novel of the same name, the album featured lyrical themes related to the recent European political history. Most of the album featured somewhat obscure thematic references and occasionally absurd lyrics set to sparse, post-punk-influenced melodies such as the Gang of Four-like “Kad se oglasi” (“When the [Trumpet] Sounds”) or Wire-influenced “Zastave”. In other songs, such as the ethereal “Oj ponose moj” (“Oh, my Pride”) and the bizarre collage “Zlatno Doba” (“Golden Age”), Paraf explored interesting and fresh approaches to both songwriting and production. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the album was largely ignored by the mainstream audiences.
(Dallas Records)