Passion Killers were from Barnsley, South Yorkshire and featured Dave Lentil, Daz White and Boffo. All three members were later, heavily involved in Chumbawamba but at the time of this demo Boff was already only on loan from Chumbawamba. This 1983 Demo was recorded in one day at Lion Studios, Leeds and features 11 melodic, simple, anarchist pop songs. The Band had already shared a split tape with Chumbawamba on Sky and Trees but this demo is the jewel in the crown of the Passion Killers recorded work. It features ‘Start Again’ which was released by Crass on ‘Bullshit Detector 2’. The LP comes with a 16 page 11”x11” booklet featuring photos, lyrics, handouts, clippings and other stuff.
(Demo Tapes)