Pest Hole are from Finsterwalde,Germany and have been rustling since 2013 through Brandenburg’s forests. The successor to the first-ever “Perdition”, released in 2014, was released a month ago, creating an unrelenting ending to the dawning year 2016. The trio around guitarist Martin is devoted exclusively to hard sounds whose roots can be attributed unmistakably to the good old punk. Rhythmically, the rumble drive of the hell command reminds me strongly of GBH, whereby the tuning of the drums often frees thoughts to old Sepultura-Frühwerke into the freedom, especially when Master Cubi taps his toms.
The first impression of this infernal Crustpunk thunderstorm, which does not survive without Thrash or Death Metal elements, was relatively sobering, but at the latest after the third round, this Sud, made of malicious compositions, never ignites the mark of 3 : 00 min. The only exception is the six-minute title titled “Wizards”.
Pestle hole, all the forests of Brandenburg are cut off within half an hour, which should give their home town a different name. Shredding and beatings, wagons, and bees, that even a grown plow pale with envy when he sees Pestlehole plowing whole lands with their sound – and always beautiful in the work rhythm of the punks, gentlemen! Between all the darkness, glorious riffs reappear again and again, over and over again by loose solos of the string-wizard. Because of it, it just rumbles! So I imagine an ambitious album in the independent division. Own, uncompromising and yet with a certain style that suggests: here, the instruments make what is demanded in the most brutal way.
(Angry-Voice Records)