Reissue of the second album (first studio album) by British punk legends Peter And The Test Tube Babies. It was originally released in 1983 on Tapper Records.
Brighton, England punk survivors Peter and the Test Tube Babies formed in 1978; soon debuting on the Vaultage 78 compilation, the group — singer Peter Bywaters, guitarist Derek “Del” Greening, bassist Chris “Trapper” Marchant and drummer Nicholas “Ogs” Loizides — nevertheless did not issue their first proper single “Banned from the Pubs” until 1982, firmly establishing their tongue-in-cheek approach with the follow-up “Run Like Hell.”
Subsequent singles including “Zombie Creeping Flesh” and “The Jinx” preceded the 1983 release of the Test Tubes’ first full-length effort, Pissed and Proud; The Mating Sounds of South American Frogs appeared just weeks later, topping the UK indie charts.
The band are still touring and playing all the major punk festivals.
(Trapper Records/Unofficial)