When drummer Don Bolles was sacked from LA punk band the Germs he was already a member of Vox Pop, girlfriend Mary was quickly becoming ‘Dinah Cancer’ and their horror-punk band 45 Grave was in its infant stages.

Around the same time bands like the A-Sexuals, the Decadent and Speed Queens would soon become Christian Death and Super Heroines. Add to this the early incarnations of Kommunity FK, Nervous Gender and Voodoo Church, plus Castration Squad, Aphotic Culture and Die Schlaflosen, along with Radio Werewolf, Ex VoTo, Screams for Tina and a host of others…

The roots of the Los Angeles deathrock scene, an integral part of the later goth movement were starting to take shape.

Phantoms relays this previously unheard story, told in the oral history style through extensive interviews band members, scenesters, photographers and club-/label-owners.

– Chapter 1: Partytime (Consumers, Vox Pop, 45 Grave, LAFMS, Associated Skull Hands, Penis Flytrap)
– Chapter 2: Sex Girls In Uniform (Mau-Mau, Castration Squad, Cambridge Apostles)
– Chapter 3: Music From Hell (Nervous Gender, Fat & Fucked Up, Gobscheit, The Church Family)
– Chapter 4: Stairs – Uncertain Journey: (A-Sexuals, The Decadent, Red Brigade, Christian Death, Premature Ejaculation)
– Chapter 5: Ashes (Pompei 99, Christain Death, Seal Of Severence/World Zero en ‘extended family projects)
– Chapter 6: Take A Trip ( Speed Queens, Strong Silent Types, Super Heroines, Shadow Project, Eva O)
– Chapter 7: Sounds To Make You Shiver! (Orange Country Recorders, Bemisbrain Records, Hell Comes To Your House)
– Chapter 8: I Am dancing As Fast As I Can (Brave Dog, Red Wedding, Joseph & Henry, miscellaneous clubs, bands and stores)
– Chapter 9: Night Voices (Jwlhyfer de Winter, Omewenne, Janet Cunningham, Anne Marie Bates, Paul Perner, Scratch Magazine)
– Chapter 10: Phantoms (The rise of deathrock from the LA punk scene)
– Chapter 11: When it Strikes (Opus, Smog Marines, Aphotic Culture, Crown Of Thorns, Fade To Black, Foutains Of Use)
– Chapter 12: Boneyard (Schizo’s, Zombie Legion, Voodoo Church, Frankenstein)
– Chapter 13: Cats And Bats (Die Schlaflosen/Sleeplees)
– Chapter 14: The Vision And The Voice (Kommunity FK, UJ.X.A., Patrick Mata ‘projects’)
– Chapter 15: Plunder The Thombs (Patricia Morrison, Legal Weapons, Gun Club, Tex & The Horseheads, Beast, Boneheads)
– Chapter 16: The Golden Age Of Horror (Skull Kulture, Radio Werewolf, Symphony Of Terror, Kingdom Of Heaven)
– Chapter 17: Dear Familiar Phantoms (Ex-Voto, Screams For Tina, (Like) Wreckage, Mephisto Walz, The Deep Eynde)
– Chapter 18: Working On Beyond (Then and now)

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An Interview with Mikey Bean of Phantoms HERE

Publication Date Nov 3, 2019
Language English
Pages 630
Interior Color Black & White
Dimensions A4 (8.27 x 11.69 in / 210 x 297 mm)
Weight 3.00 kg