Pisse are back and they are welcoming the new decade in style: Nine synth-trash protopunk smashers with an all-around nihilistic vibe and lyrics about funneling herbicides down your throat. Cheers!

While these songs may sound a little bleaker than the band’s last releases, they are as versatile as always with four tunes even breaking the two-minute mark. Lyric-wise, they are adding insult to injury left and right as any decent punk band should.

Overall, the music is focused, catchy and danceable. Perfect for smashing your face on the floor of a scuzzy Sternburg-swilling basement gig.

The LP was recorded on two 4-track reel tape recorders in the infamous Schlachthaus Nebelschütz (Lausitz) and mastered by Daniel Husayn (North London Bomb Factory Mastering).

If you want something new and interesting from Germany, this is it!
(Phantom Records / Harbinger Sound)