Poison Arts can be an intimidating to get into because they have a slew of releases, but this compilation gathers up several odds and ends from the band’s discography into a digestible chunk. While not as anthemic as Death Side (with whom Poison Arts shared their guitarist Chelsea), everything seems to click together on these 1989 tracks, showcasing a band that is locked in, channeling their undeniable musical virtuosity into a sound whose intensity matches its complexity. As with a lot of these recent Japanese fan club releases, the packaging is meager but the sound reproduction is very strong.
Released on DTK PoisonArts Records Fan Club from Brazil. Limited to 180 copies. This LP compiles Hi-Energy 7″ flexi (1985) as well Mystery Temptation 7″ (1986) and Hot Rod 7″ (1986).
Tracks 1-3 毒 Flexi (1985) https://youtu.be/wL7gNYiwFY0
Tracks 4-7 Mystery Temptation 7″ (1986) https://youtu.be/SzUjHiViu9I
Tracks 8-11 Hot Rod 7″ (1986) https://youtu.be/185oj-vaQjY