The new album from an all-female punk band Polikarpa y Sus Viciosas from Bogota / Medellin. In the 10 HC punk songs the band screams against discrimination, violence and sexism in Colombia and all over the world!
The record comes in a black gatefold cover with all texts in Spanish and English.

Colombia is a country of deep inequalities and social and economic injustices, which have led to cycles of violence and hopelessness; also, it is a country of rebelliousness and resistance rooted in the territories, historically immersed in a war that seems to have no end, although there are puffs of hope as is the signing of the Peace Agreement with the FARC – EP. This story, our story we have expressed and denounced from the punk scene, we have joined from music to many manifestations of struggle, in favor of social equality and freedom. Our inspiration: the social and women’s movement, with whom we have worked shoulder to shoulder. That is the product of this album, multiple voices, causes of women who inhabit this land and who advocate a change.
We get together with women of all colors, ages, lesbians, heterosexuals, mothers, peasants, human rights defenders, ex-combatants, feminists, to join their struggles making our musical a political vehicle to demand dignity in this Latin American continent.
As a result of this meeting with others, the proposal of “the musical audience for women” emerged, in which we simulated a popular public audience from a concert. We made the stage a space for direct participation, so that women in their diversity, from song to song, to the rhythm of music, expressed their proposals and problems. The stage became a stage to give voice, break the silence, demand justice and shout the truth about discrimination, inequality and violence in this country.
With the making of this album we hope these voices are heard – through the lyrics we work together – and resound in other places, to join forces in the demand for a change that includes the elimination of all forms of violence against women, feminicides, the murders of leaders and social leaders and for not retreating to an armed conflict in this country.
Health and anarchy for everyone.
(Self released)