Over the top and pummelling return from Quarantine. No change in intensity or drive offering another tastefully brief and intense blast that bores holes into the earths crust with steel drillbits sharpened on the FUs, YDI, OUTO, GBH, and a healthy dose of the jester’s grin. Absolute powerhouse of musical talent featuring an unequivocally ferocious rhythm section driving seriously gnarly guitars and twisted vocals at speeds that would make most people pass out. This is pure HC. – Jonah Falco


Quarantine’s sophomore LP Exile is like taking a mystery pill and hopping in the back of your friend’s older brother’s Honda Civic while This Is Boston Not LA is blaring from the stereo. The Groinoids track is about to end and you’re getting a chub wondering if the FU’s or these drugs are going to hit you first. Sure the skills of Sheer Mag’s own Hart Seely making the drums scream, Career Suicide’s Jonah Falco knowing how to properly mix hardcore punk and the dark master magic conjured by extreme music wizard Arthur Rizk is all there but when combined with the “unconventional” nature of the band’s recording abilities you get a unique and haunted slab you won’t find anywhere else. If you love United Mutation, Repulsion, Jerry’s Kids, the Cavalera brothers, Black Sabbath, weird shit and/or Guinness you should probably pick this one up. 8 tracks, 45 RPM, La Vida Es Un Mus, Damage United, what more do you really need? -Lee Medmer

Label: La Vida Es Un Mus Records