Razor formed in 1984 in Ontario, Canada. Over the decades they have become one of the most legendary North American Thrash Metal bands ever. The band’s debut was the privately pressed »Armed And Dangerous« EP (Voice Records, 1984), followed by classic albums such as »Executioner’s Song« (1985), »Evil Invaders« (1985), »Malicious Intent« (1986), »Custom Killing« (1987) and »Violent Restitution« (1988).
Armed And Dangerous”, the debut-EP by RAZOR was released 35 years ago, so it’s time to let this pearl shine in a new light … Rereleased and remastered (by Patrick W. Engel) including 5 pre-production demos tracks, recorded April 16th 1984 at Octo Sound Studios, Kitchener Ontariio, Canada. Black vinyl, ltd 400, 425gsm heavy cardboard cover, lyric sheet printed on uncoated paper, poster, 6 bonus tracks.
(High Roller Records)