‘Managing’ is the latest well-formed excretion from an ever-obtuse Australian trio. Despite being spread out between states for much of their existence (nine years and counting) Red Red Krovvy speak their own idiot language with absolute fluency. ‘Managing’ manages to destroy every specious straight world “success” indicator (Company Job, Real Estate) replacing them with perfectly fucked haikus about simpler realities: dogs shitting in the wrong places, backyard bird burials, vengeance. Sonically their lineage within all the most acerbic Aussie murder punk is summed up with the line “Poetry’s indulgent shit / superior complex wit,” but this is anything but retro. RRK transcend niceties like bass guitar but their sound is buzzy and bombastic, stomping but not theatrical, a perfect vehicle for singer Ash’s haranguing of bastards in power with her devastating simplicity. This is Mean Music for a Mean World, ten perfectly nasty little songs for when you’ve ground your teeth down til there’s only one pure conviction left: The Rich Must Pay. (Bryony Beynon)
(Helta Skelta Records)