Rudimentary Peni, one of the best and most mysterious bands of the English punk scene return with an album of completely new material.

Welcome to No More Pain. Known for intensely personal music and lyrics made by the exceptional musicians in the band, and alternating lyrically between the witty macabre and the socio-political, Peni have never tried to keep up with any particular musical fashion or trend, generally sticking to a policy of doing precisely what they want to do.

They have a notable history that produced four LP’s and two EP’s (two LP’s originally released on Corpus Christi and one EP on Crass Records).

And the sum of them is certainly essential to any comprehensive punk record collection.

No More Pain is no exception and keeps within the boundar ies of ’77 fast punk and the ’80’s style of slower, chugging material, though always staying clear of the punk-metal crossover that infected so many bands of that ’80’s period.

Final track on the album “Pachelbel’s Canon In E” is a version of the most famous piece of music written by classical composer Johann Pachelbel.

It was written in or around 1680 and is more commonly known as “Pachelbel’s Canon (in D)”.

As always, artwork is designed by the wonderful Nick Blinco, a revered cult figure in punk and avant-garde circles in Britain and America.
(Outer Himalayan Records)