Finally a vinyl release of their 1990 CD-only album with previously unreleased tracks on vinyl!

Final Descent is an album by Samhain, first released in 1990, more than three years after lead singer Glenn Danzig and bassist Eerie Von had recruited guitarist John Christ and drummer Chuck Biscuits to form Danzig.
Tracks 1-5 are previously unreleased songs, at least some of which had been intended for the Samhain Grim album before it was aborted when the band changed its personnel, and finally its name, to Danzig. Tracks 6-11 had been released in 1987 on the first pressing of the Initium CD. These songs were in fact overdubbed (partially re-recorded) and remixed versions of those on the 1985 Unholy Passion E.P.
Eerie Von has confirmed that “Death…In Its Arms” was recorded during the sessions for Danzig’s second album, Danzig II: Lucifuge, and features the full original Danzig lineup: singer Glenn Danzig, guitarist John Christ, bassist Eerie Von, and drummer Chuck Biscuits.
Like all of Samhain’s discography, and most of Danzig’s prior work with the Misfits, Final Descent was originally released on Danzig’s independent record label Plan 9, distributed by Caroline Records.
Apart from the band’s reissues in 2000-01, this is the only Samhain release that does not have a 12″ vinyl counterpart. Glenn Danzig said that some vinyl sleeves were made, but further plans to release the album on vinyl in 1990 were scrapped because he was not pleased with them.
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