Originally released in 1981 and never officially reissued on vinyl since then.
“Belgrade-based SARLO AKROBATA (according to some sources, this name “Charles the Acrobat” was used in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia of the 1930s as a popular nickname for Charlie Chaplin) definitely deserves the status of a “cult” group of the former Yugoslav rock scene. Born out of the post-punk musical and art revolution in the early 1980s and riding briefly on the ska-revival tide that helped them score several popular hits like “Ona se budi” and “Niko kao ja” topping the charts, they pursued more experimental direction on their one and only LP record.”
“This is one of most important albums in ex-Yugoslavia music history. Energy of young people with strong music ideas of punk, prog rock, avantgarde music and earlier Yugoslav hard and jazz rock bands made some unbelievable coctail which was totally organic and authetic in its own mix. Analogue studio manipulations had some nicely bland which is like a miracle nowadays in digital era. Like every eternal album in the music history this one is more actual as times goes by. Pure energy, even you don’t like weird sound! Not perfect album but true masterpiece for every music lover (in fact one of the best post punk albums i ever heard)!!! In one word, corner-stone!!!”
(Croatia Records)