At long last finally available on vinyl. The full discography of this classic furious, raging and angry hardcore punk act from Scotland, UK – Included are the First Demo as “Chaotic Subversion” (1989), “Dealing with clichés” EP (1989), Split EP w/ DISAFFECT (1992), Split LP w/ PINK TURDS IN SPACE (1990) and the “Earth Beat” LP 1992.
Remastered by Daniel Husayn. Released by the Bands own @screaming_babies_records . This Discography double LP comes in a 12″ kraft card pocket containing a 7″ booklet of lyrics and artwork.
Unfortunately, thanks to brex(sh)it, import charges and being a total DIY release… This package came out not as cheap as I wished but it’s worth every cent…
(Screaming Babies Records)