The eighth full-length studio album by legendary Brazilian Groove/Thrash Metal band.
The first release in three years from Sepultura, which is fronted for the second time out by new vocalist Derrick Green, who replaced founding vocalist/guitarist Max Cavalera, after six previous studio efforts. This time around, his vocal styling and melody lines play an integral part in the songwriting (on “Against”, he merely came in and sang what the rest of the band had written), and there’s a renewed sense of confidence and cohesion in both, his performance and those of guitarist Andreas Kisser, drummer Igor Cavalera and bassist Paulo (Jr.) Pinto.
As a result, “Nation” features material such as “Sepulnation” and “Border Wars” that holds up well next to their best efforts on albums like “Chaos A.D.” and the 1996 masterpiece, “Roots”. Likewise, the band continues to expand their own artistic borders by seeking out new musical combinations, whether with dub wizard Dr. Israel on “Tribe to A Nation” or the Finnish string quartet Apocalyptica on “Valtio”. The album also features guest appearances from artists such as Hatebreed singer Jamey Jasta, Dead Kennedys singer Jello Biafra, Ill Niño singer Cristian Machado, as well as Ratos de Porão frontman João Gordo.
According to the official site, a video for “One Man Army” was scheduled to be filmed at the end of August 2001. However, due to a lack of support from Roadrunner Records, the video was never made. Sepultura blamed Roadrunner Records for not promoting the album and left for SPV Records in 2002.
The album received better reviews than “Against”, but sold fewer copies. As of April 2002, “Nation” has sold over 55 700 copies in the U.S. and went gold in Brazil.
Roadrunner Records/Cargo Records Germany GmbH, 2001/2013 ‎(RRCAR 8560-1). Made in Germany. First press.
(Roadrunner Records / Cargo Records)