“Shai Hulud have spent many years away and endured line-up changes frequent enough to give Napalm Death or Zao’s revolving door policy a run for their money. That said, if they’re going to push forward, they better come with something spectacular, and they do. Dispensing with most of the spoken-word meanderings and downplaying the melodicism of the prior release, Misanthropy Pure is faster and more frantic than any of their earlier records yet remains coherent and well proportioned. New vocalist Matt Mazzali roars his way through 11 massively dense and aggressive tracks, rarely slowing for a breather. He’s no Chad Gilbert but he brings a much-needed shot of adrenaline to the vocal department. Primary songwriter Matt Fox has outdone himself, cramming what seems like thousands of licks into mere seconds of running time but never shying away from the requisite amount of repetition necessary to make an album this intricate come together. Eric Rachel’s production comes across as a tad too polished but otherwise Misanthropy Pure is a brain-rupturing return to form from a resilient and influential act. This is melodic metalcore at its finest. ”
By Max Deneau www.exclaim.ca
Issued in a gatefold cover with lyrics and credits printed on dust sleeve.
“Limited Edition” of 2000 hand numbered copies. #1615/2000.
(Metal Blade Records)